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Q: How many hours does a band play for?
A: The standard party performance time is 4 hours for the full band and 1 hour preliminary with 1-3 musicians performing for your cocktail hour. Most bands also provide wedding ceremony music with 1-3 musicians from within the band. Be sure to ask!
New Jersey Wedding Orchestras Bands
Q: What are the standard prices for musicians in the NYC area?
A: A professional band costs on the low end about $5000 and the high end about $15,000. You can get a band for less but you stand the risk of losing musicians to higher bidders, ie - getting different musicians at your event. That is if the band is any good. If the musicians aren't really so special then maybe you will be OK. Out of NYC bands may be up to $1000 less, but if they have a great singer, and a band from NYC offers that singer more money or a better deal, you won't see them at your event, you can be sure of that!
New Jersey Wedding Bands Q: Do you learn special song requests for us?
A: All of our bands rehearse and learn new music for every event that we do. We learn up to three new songs for every customer that is not on the repertoire list of the band.

Q: How does band pricing work and why are the prices so variable and so dramatically changeable?
A: A band that charges $10,000 on a prime time Saturday in June may agree to play for your event for $5000 if it is a Friday night or a Saturday or Sunday brunch or early luncheon. You may also get as much as 25-30% off the price of a band if you book an off season time like January or February. Sundays will always be less expensive and Friday Evenings even less.

Another key factor in determining the price of any given band will be the number of calls or requests that they have gotten for your date. If you are on a budget, be sure to ask that question, it might save you some big bucks! Another option is to be willing to change the date of your wedding in order to get a fabulously popular band at a better rate then you could otherwise afford.

Q: Can you play CD's or Tapes as well?
A: All IGMC bands come equipped with a full sound system in order to accommodate the most wild and unusual requests and can play either CD's or TAPES at any time.
New Jersey Corporate Events

Q: Can I see musicians performing live?
A: We frequently have live shows for many of our groups. We also encourage a client to hire the band for a very small fee (depending on the band) and have their own private meeting / audition performance in a rehearsal studio to preview the band if you need reassurance and a feeling of security!

New Jersey Wedding Band Q: Will the musicians I see be the musicians that I get?
A: Barring Illness, death or other extreme event beyond the control of any organization, they will show up when you book with a company like IGMC that signs contracts for every single engagement with the band leader as well as with you. Most music companies do not do this!


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NJ wedding bands look forward to performing at your event and literally raising the roof off the house! Or if you prefer something more relaxed, we can do that too. MUSIC SELECTION: BANDS, ORCHESTRAS, DJs & ENTERTAINERS OF ALL KINDS IGMC will help you select your entertainment which is so crucial to the success of your event. IGMC has the largest and most comprehensive library of bands, orchestras and performers to be found on the East Coast. An IGMC consultant will make a presentation to you with videos, tapes and live nj, nj reception, nj reception music, reception music in nj, wedding events in new jersey, wedding events in new jersey, wedding events new jersey, wedding events nj, new jersey wedding , CALL TODAY 201-836-6085 / 212-765-8714

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